Hot Water Seed Treatment Submission Form

Hot Water Seed Treatment Form

The standard response time is 3-7 business days after the seeds have arrived in the lab, but treatment may take longer given slower mail operations and and other restrictions. Cash is not an accepted form of payment.

Below is the hot water seed treatment form. The form is fillable, and can be completed on the computer or printed and hand written.  It includes an overview of the service, a liability waiver, and submission form. Please read it carefully, completely fill it out and sign where appropriate. Seeds will not be treated if forms are partially filled out.

Hot Water Seed Treatment

Shipping Requirements

In order for treatment to be effective and accurate, please carefully follow the below shipping requirements.

  1. Clearly label each variety of seed, and ensure the labeling convention you used matches exactly what you write on the submission form.
  2.  Enclose all seeds and their original packages (if applicable) in a plastic bag to prevent water damage during transit.
  3. Place the plastic bag(s) in a padded envelope or box along with the submission form, liability waiver, and payment.
  4.  Mail to the UConn Plant Diagnostic Lab:
    UConn Plant Diagnostic Lab
    1380 Storrs Rd., Unit 4115
    Storrs, CT 06269-4115
  5. Send the tracking number to so when know when to expect the package.

Fee Structure & Payment Options

Fee Structure

0.01-1 oz of seed per cultivar submitted: $6

0.01-13 oz of seed for shipping & handling to return treated seeds to client: $6   

For example: you submit 0.6 oz of cherry tomato seed ($6), 2.3 oz of kale seed ($18), and 1.1 oz of beefsteak tomato seed ($12). Your total seed treatment cost is $36, with a shipping cost of $6 (4 oz of seed ). Total cost is $42.

Methods of payment accepted: Checks mailed/delivered with seeds or credit/debit card payments online. Cash is not an accepted method of payment.

To pay by credit/debit card: visit