Sample Submission Forms

Sample Submission Forms

Complete the appropriate submission form for each sample. The forms are fillable, and can be completed on the computer or printed and hand written. Make sure to submit the form with your sample.  Submit any relevant sample images to:

Plant Sample Submission Form
Insect Sample Submission Form

Shipping Requirements

In order for diagnosis of your sample to be effective and accurate, please carefully follow the below shipping requirements.

1. Always select fresh plant material that is symptomatic but not dried out, dead, or decaying. We are unable to diagnose plants that are already dead.

2. Do not ship live insects or arthropods. Crushed insects and insects stuck to clear tape are unidentifiable. Place insects in freezer to kill them. Preserve soft-bodied insects in a leak-proof vial of alcohol.

3. Separate soil from plant material. If the root system is included, place a plastic bag around it and secure with a twist tie or rubber band to keep soil from contaminating leaves/stems.Place the entire sample into a sealed plastic bag. A dry paper towel can be wrapped around the plant to absorb excess moisture and prevent the plant from sticking to the plastic.

4. Never add water to the sample for shipment--water will degrade the sample and prevent an accurate diagnosis.

5. Ship in a crush-proof container such as a box. A box helps protect the sample and helps us provide an accurate diagnosis.

6. Ship the package early in the week via overnight delivery. The lab only accepts samples Monday-Friday. Shipping early in the week will enable us to receive the sample, process it, and store it while diagnostics are being conducted. The goal is to limit the time the sample is in transit or sitting on the back of a delivery truck that can reach temperatures which are inopportune for the sample. For these reasons, do not ship over a weekend or holiday.

7. Mail to the UConn Plant Diagnostic Lab:

UConn Plant Diagnostic Lab
1380 Storrs Rd., Unit 4115
Storrs, CT 06269-4115

Fee Structure & Payment Options

All plant or insect samples for diagnosis or identification: $20

Methods of payment accepted: Credit/debit card, check, or money order.

To pay by credit/debit card: visit

To pay by check or money order: Make checks payable to "UConn".