UConn plant diagnostic lab services are available for home pest and plant problems, professional growers, and the green industry.   

Free services: 

  • Image identification (insect or plant) and diagnosis.  Send images to ladybug@uconn.edu
  • Plant Sample Submission App was developed in cooperation with Purdue and other universities, and is supported by the UConn Plant Diagnostic Lab.  For iPhone and iPad, download here. For Android, download here.  Select “UConn” as the university, and the submission, information, and images will be sent directly to UConn’s Diagnostician.  You will receive a response within 1-2 business days.
  • Master Gardeners staff plant clinics at every UConn County Extension Office and the Bartlet Arboretum in Stamford. Contact your local UConn Extension Center for more information.

Fee-based services:

  • The standard fee for all samples submitted to the diagnostic lab is $15.00 per sample. The standard response time is 3-7 business days after the sample arrived in the lab. Some samples may take longer depending on the pathogen.
  • A few tests require additional fees (i.e. some virus tests).  You will be contacted for approval prior to any tests requiring extra fees.