**Lab Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic**

Lab Operations

May 4: The UConn Plant Diagnostic Lab will resume accepting physical plant and insect samples from mail submissions. Drop-off samples will continue to be suspended at this time, and the lab remains closed to the public for visits.  We will continue to accept digital sample submissions.

Sample submission options

During this time, submit physical plant samples via mail or images of samples for digital diagnostics.

  1. Mail-in sample ($20). The standard fee is $20.00 per sample. The response time is 3-7 business days after the sample has arrived in the lab, but diagnostics may take longer given slower mail operations and and other restrictions. Visit the Sample Submission Forms page for packing and shipping instructions. Due to closures and disruptions on campus, online payment will temporarily be the only form accepted during this time.
  2. Image identification (Free). Send images, description of symptoms or problems, and any other relevant information/questions to PlantDiagnosticLab@uconn.edu.
  3. Instagram: @Sick__Plants (Free). Send a plant health related question, photo, or video to our plant diagnostician on Instagram. To use this service, you’ll need to have Instagram downloaded on your mobile device or tablet.
  4. Virtual consultation (Free). Email PlantDiagnosticLab@uconn.edu if you would like to set up a video call to discuss plant health issues with our diagnostician.